Your Impact - 2020 in the life of Cambodian Children’s Trust

In a year characterised by global turmoil and uncertainty, CCT achieved many groundbreaking milestones

Twin disasters bring monumental change

Our Village Hive model was tested under two emergencies in 2020 – the COVID-19 pandemic and once-in-a-generation flooding. The ability of the model to dynamically adapt to changing community needs proves the model’s success in cultivating resilient communities that can survive and thrive when faced with disasters and emergencies.

CCT’s Village Hive model adapts to COVID-19 and flooding
face masks distributed
bars of soap provided
bottles of hand sanitiser handed out

The Care Leavers Network created

In 2020, CCT empowered care leavers to establish their own Care Leavers Network, which provides support, guidance and advocacy for care leaver youth in Battambang.

This project called, “Khmeng Onka Cambodia Care Leaver Network”, aims to build a network of mentors to support all care leavers, to address the issues and challenges facing care leavers and to advocate for better guidelines to prepare and support young people transitioning out of care. 

This network of engaged mentors, care leavers are provided with the life skills, knowledge and training to enable them to become self-reliant and fully integrated into communities. Care leavers voices and experiences are utilized to advocate for care reform. Small business opportunities are provided to women in the care leavers network to generate income.

ChildSafe hotline established

CCT operates the only child protection hotline in Battambang. Our ChildSafe hotline operates 24/7 to provide an immediate response to calls about children at risk. 

Our hotline social workers take the necessary action to respond and provide the required emergency support to ensure that children are safe. Children requiring extensive support are referred to our social workers who support families to build long-term safety and empowerment plans.

months in operation
calls responded to in the first 10 months
hotline operational hours

SKO orphanage finally closes

In 2007, CCT helped 14 children to escape from a corrupt and abusive orphanage called SKO. In early 2020, SKO orphanage finally closed its doors. CCT has been working to safely reunite the remaining children in SKO with their families and ensure the family has the support they need to thrive.

Channy’s Story

Channy was just 7 when she was entrusted to the care of SKO Orphanage.

Watch the video of Sinet Chan, also a survivor of SKO Orphanage, talking with Channy and sharing their experiences.

CCT’s Senior Management team

Khmer Leadership for CCT

CCT restructured our organisation on the 1st July 2020, promoting local Khmer leadership. The restructure also included the repatriation of all foreign staff to allow more space for local ideas and innovation. An Australian entity is currently being developed to support CCT and assist with long-term strategic direction.

Sokhon’s Story

CCT supported 19-year-old Sokhon through his high school years. He went on to achieve a full scholarship to University in Phnom Penh, where he is studying International Relations. Now, he no longer needs our help and asked CCT to redirect the support elsewhere.

Although CCT has stopped supporting Sokhon, he continues to support CCT. Sokhon sits on CCT’s Board of Directors, a group made up of ex care leavers and CCT’s co-founders. Sokhon’s job is to check in with CCT’s current beneficiaries, get feedback on CCT’s programs and to make sure all voices are heard at the decision making table.

Handing over power to local communities!

In 2019, we started the process to hand over our Village Hive model to the community. 

The holistic range of family support services that comprise our Village Hive model have been accessible to all the families in a commune named Ou Char since 2016. Over the last 5 years, the Khmer team at CCT have run these services for Ou Char operating out of privately run facilities. In late 2019, the local council in Ou Char Commune expressed an eagerness to take the reins from us and embed the holistic range of Village Hive services into their commune’s public facilities.

The first service to be transferred over was the Youth Centre, to ensure the most vulnerable children have access to nutrition, healthcare and education. The community decided this should operate out of their local public school and last year it opened its doors!

In late 2020, the new public school Youth Centre opened its doors! 

From this process, we created the fiscal and Human Resource frameworks that form the foundations for the effective handover of the Village Hive across Battambang and the rest of Cambodia.

What’s next for CCT in 2021

Something that 2020 brought to light is that we can’t be sure of what’s ahead. In 2021 we want to make sure that what we’ve created can continue into the future, independent of CCT. Seeing our projects transition into independence and achieve true sustainability is how we measure success.

To see the full list of what CCT achieved in 2020, download our 2020 Annual Impact Report

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