Empowering communitiesto transform children’s lives

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Strengthening families to protect Cambodia’s vulnerable children

Community model

CCT’s Village Hive model is co-created with local communities, local council and families. Community networks are mobilised to place families in the driving seat, empowering them to identify their own solutions and determine the best approach to child protection in their village.

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Local team

We have a team of more than 50 Cambodian social workers who are supported by a team of nearly 100 Cambodian staff.

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Vital services

By bringing vital services like health, education, finance and construction into communities, CCT helps children stay with their families.

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Powered by networks

CCT harnesses the power of networks to place families and communities in the driving seat for the long-term and sustainable protection of vulnerable children.

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Power a Village Hive

CCT’s Village Hive model mobilises whole villages to protect children and prevent them from facing adversity. A Village Hive is made up of networks of people and services that facilitate Holistic Interventions in children’s lives, taking them and their families from a place of Vulnerability to Empowerment.

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Watch the inspirational story of where it all began, with CCT co-founder Tara Winkler’s TED Talk on why we need to end the era of orphanages.


10 years of impact

For more than 10 years, Cambodian Children’s Trust has been changing the trajectory of vulnerable children’s lives, helping them reach their full potential in life.

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Ride along

Ride along with the CCT team and see lives being transformed as it happens.

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“It is not easy for me to tell this story. But I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. That is not why I am here. I am here to tell my story because it is important for people to know the abuse and the exploitation in orphanages.”⁠
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For a lot of vulnerable kids, our Youth Centre's are a safe space. ⁠
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Meet the CCT Reintegration Team! Every week they work tirelessly to reunite children in orphanages with their families. 💛💪⁠
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CCT are committed to the education of women and girls. On International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we look to a future shaped by strong female minds. 💪 ⁠
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Was your New Year's resolution to make a positive change in the world?⁠
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Their smiles say it all. ⁠
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Off they go!⁠
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Knowledge IS power. CCT are committed to providing opportunities to Cambodian youth. Our Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) program, embedded into the curriculum of Public High Schools, has shown the power of education. In 2019 several advanced students competed nationally and internationally for the first time, and won! ⁠
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Last year, one of our regular donors @miamilnes came to visit CCT in Cambodia. She joined director, @tarawinkler on an ‘average day at the office’ and kept a diary of her experience to share with you on our blog today.