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FAQs about Ways to Help

What is the best way to help?

Hands down the best way you can help ensure that kids here in Battambang have the opportunity to thrive in life is to join forces with CCT and become part of our regular giving program. Our supporters make our life-changing work possible. None of our programs are possible without the generous support of our donors. You can also fundraise for CCT, nominate CCT in your workplace giving program, and spread the word with your friends and family so that they can support CCT.

Can I volunteer for CCT?

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with the Cambodian Children’s Trust!

Due to the nature and scope of our work we can only consider volunteers who have professional qualifications, and extensive experience, in a field relevant to our projects.

Some information on volunteering with CCT:

Once again, thank you for your commitment to furthering the work of our organisation; to help families break free from the cycle of poverty and ensure that children can grow up safe and supported in a family.

Can I donate clothes or other items to CCT?

Thank you for your generous offer to donate items to CCT! It is always best to contact us first when thinking about donating items. As a small organisation, we unfortunately lack the administrative resources to process in-kind donations, plus the Cambodian mail service can often be unreliable and expensive.

From time-to-time we do require particular items that are difficult to source in-country; however, we also like to support local businesses so please consider making a single donation by clicking here. Donating directly saves on expensive shipping costs, and allows us to buy much-needed items at Cambodian prices. Our team also does a good job at sourcing the right goods at the right price, which means your donation goes a little bit further to helping children and families in Battambang.