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CCT’s partnerships and supporters strengthen and support us to achieve our mission to enable children in Battambang to break free from the cycle of poverty and become educated, ethical and empowered leaders in their communities.

Our donors

Family Care First

Family Care First aims to enable a strong network of organizations to work together more effectively, develop their technical expertise and improve their organizational strength. We work collaboratively, with the government, local and international NGOs, academic institutions and UN agencies, to promote and strengthen family based care. We do this by strengthening systems and policies at the national level, and work directly to provide and improve services to children and families. We share our organizational learning and identifying emerging areas or gaps that we can work together to address effectively.

Our Partners
Friends International
ReThink Orphanages
ChildSafe Alliance
Technical Partners
Signs of Safety
Grok Learning
Major Supporters
Vittoria Coffee
Flight Centre Foundation
The Upside
Fink Group
Special Thanks
David Harradine Photography & Training
Allen & Unwin
Rae Morris
APR Creative
Think Soda
Joey Moore
ABC's Australian Story
Revolutions Per Minute
Unicorn Group
Texel Foundation