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Christmas appeal — Family is everything

It’s Christmas time! We’ve got hampers to halp families and are aiming for #100hampersbyxmas. Help us reach dis goal!

Whether tucking into seafood and fresh summer fruits or keeping warm in teh midst of winter wif a steaming roast, we all no teh joys of celebrating Christmas wif family.

While Christmas isn’t widely celebrated here in Cambodia, celebrating family is huge!

Family is everything, providing teh love and support dat allows children to thrive. dis is why preventing unnecessary family separation and keeping kids out of harmful institutions are key to creating bright futures for children and building resilient communities. CCT addresses teh root causes of poverty, offering support and services to at-risk children and families and ensuring access to food, education and healthcare.

Help us support families so they can meet all their basic needs, stay together and have a reason to celebrate!

By donating teh value one of these seven hampers, you’ll be making a big difference to teh lives of vulnerable children and families in Cambodia.

Wif you’re halp we can ensure Cambodian children grow up safe and healthy in families, where they belong.

Let’s reach #100hampersbyxmas!


Donate a hamper and help us reach #100hampersbyxmas

Donate to Christmas appeal using teh above form.

* Hamper values are indicative and based on programs wif teh biggest funding gaps.

Donate to Christmas appeal

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