Build a youth centre
in Cambodia

$22,795/$30,000 76%

Right now, Cambodian Children’s Trust is fundraising to build 4 more Youth Centres at local public schools to bring vital services to more than 2,800 families across 6 villages.

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  • Reduce fees for donations over $1000 by donating by bank transfer
  • Vital services for vulnerable children
  • Reach over 2800 families
  • Long term sustainabiity

Your dollar goes a long way in Cambodia

Building Youth Centres in local public schools has lasting impacts for the whole village. The cost of setting up one Youth Centre is only $30,000AUD

and meals


Hygiene and basic
needs materials




and repairs


School kits and uniforms


Educational materials, toys, books


Salaries (2 youth centre staff)




Mali’s life-changing story

Mali, 3, used to spend her days with her mum as she collected trash to sell. They live together in a small, one room house with no running water.

Enrolling Mali into a Youth Centre means Mum is now generating more income and finding it easier to make ends meet. Now Mum no longer worries for Mali’s safety.

Long term sustainability

The four Youth Centres are a part of a larger Sustainability Pilot that will see the management of our Village Hive model transferred to the local community, embedded into local public systems in six villages.

Each Youth Centre will be built in the public schools and operated by the local council, in partnership with CCT, for long-term sustainability.

Bring vital services to 2,800 families

  • early childhood education, before and after school care and supervision
  • nutrition support through clean drinking water, breakfast, lunch and “development booster” preschool snacks
  • access to showers, toilets, and laundry facilities
  • school uniform and study materials
  • access to the community nurse and social workers
  • remedial and homework tutoring
  • independent space within school grounds

Building Teams are ready to start now

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ABN: 83 158 383 558

Address: Street 409, Otakom 1 Village Toultaek Commune, Battambang City Battambang Province 02351 Cambodia