Be a COVID19 Lifeline

Cambodia is currently facing a renewed humanitarian crisis with a new strain of COVID-19 sweeping through the provinces (April 2021).
Send immediate food and medical support to Cambodian families today!

Select your level of support

Helping Hand



Ensure families receive much-needed support during this pandemic.

Contribute to the delivery of:

  • Basic Hygiene packs
  • Staple Food supplies
  • Medical assistance if needed

Adopt a Health Hero!



Kit out our Health Heroes in life-saving PPE

  • Kits include protective masks, gloves and face shields
  • Our nurses and health support staff are visiting families and children every day
  • Look after the people that are looking after everyone else

Family Friend



Complete support for a vulnerable family in Battambang province each month.

Each family receives:

  • Delivery of rice and food staples
  • Hygiene packs including soap and disinfectant
  • Access to on-call 24/7 medical support and counselling
  • Education materials for school-aged kids

How we will use the money

  • Deliver food supplies 
  • Provide hygiene packs 
  • Provide quarantine support 
  • Access to medical care

A proven track record in Cambodia

Cambodian Children’s Trust has been empowering local communities to transform children’s lives in Battambang, Cambodia for over 12 years. With local Cambodian village-based nurses and social workers on the ground, CCT is the lifeline that vulnerable families facing COVID19 need right now.

Take action to save lives

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ABN: 83 158 383 558

Address: Street 409, Otakom 1 Village Toultaek Commune, Battambang City Battambang Province 02351 Cambodia