Help us expand the Village Hive into 4 more villages in 2023

$300,000/$300,000 100%

A Village Hive is a safety net that is critical to the protection and prosperity of Cambodian communities. Our Village Hives are championed by local leaders and create sustainable social protection systems – with high quality public health, education and social services – run and owned by local communities. In 2022, the first Village Hive was launched in the six villages in Ou Char Commune, Battambang District. So far, the results speak for themselves: not a single child has been placed in an orphanage or foster care and there have been zero incidents of domestic violence across all six villages.This year, we need to raise $300,000 to establish the second Village Hive in four villages in Svay Pao Commune, Battambang District.A tax-deductible donation to CCT will help raise the standard of living for the 21,000 people in Svay Pao Commune and create a blueprint for a nation-wide social protection system. We’ve done it in one commune, but we can’t stop now. We need the financial backing to break new ground and do it again.

Invest in a Model that is Proven to Safeguard Children from Orphanages and Foster Care


Our ambitious plans for the year ahead

When you give to CCT, you are not making any old charity donation. It will serve as the foundation for an evidence-based case that will be presented to the government. You are looking upstream and addressing the root causes, rather than responding to crises. You are restoring power to Local Leaders, who hold the greatest potential to drive change within their communities. You are reducing domestic violence and you are ensuring children and families can stay together.

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Community perspectives on the Village Hive

“I never want any kid to grow up in an orphanage, like I did. With a Village Hive in their community, they won’t have to. They can stay with their family.”

Heng Vanna

“I’ve never seen any other NGO that has created an initiative like this. CCT is giving their project to the local community so we can work together to support our own people.”

Em Sophal

“CCT is integrating their projects into the public sector and providing the funding to empower the local community to do this work… I couldn’t be more excited about this initiative.”

Teav Visal

“Now we have more resources through the Village Hive Project… parents are able to get the support they need to grow their income and send their children to school.”

Choun Sotey

What is the Village Hive?

The Village Hive tackles poverty through a comprehensive three-layered approach: universal prevention, early intervention, and crisis services.

Universal prevention is available to everyone in the community and promotes well-being and safety through public healthcare and public education initiatives.

Early intervention focuses on vulnerable individuals, providing access to education, nutrition, healthcare, safe housing, and support payments. Financial literacy, vocational training, and income generation programs foster self-reliance.

Crisis and recovery services aid individuals and families in crisis with child protection, counseling, emergency hotlines, safety planning, and support groups. The aim is to minimize long-term impacts and trauma, ensuring family reintegration and offering disaster relief.

The impact of your donation

We’ve established the Village Hive in one commune, but we can’t stop now. To continue breaking new ground and establish the second Village Hive in another commune, we need your help.

Make a tax-deductible donation today.

ABN: 83 158 383 558

Address: Street 409, Otakom 1 Village Toultaek Commune, Battambang City Battambang Province 02351 Cambodia
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