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Fundraise: At School

Go casual: Arrange a casual clothing day at school and ask everyone who takes part to make a gold coin donation to CCT.

Bake Sale: Organise a bake sale and donate profits to CCT.

Help out to help out: Make a list of helpful things you could do for people and charge a fee for the tasks or have people sponsor you for doing them. You could wash the cars in the carpark, clean your classroom, walk your neighbours’ dogs, get babysitting, do the washing up every night for 2 weeks and more!

Cast a spell: Organise a spelling bee for your class or school and get people to sponsor you for participating. You can give your spelling bee a theme relevant to CCT, Cambodia, children or helping others.

Dance-a-thon: Get on your dancing shoes! Hold a dance-a-thon to get kids at school moving, all for a good cause. Encourage sponsorship based on how long they last.

Get social: Organise a school social with ticket sale profits to be donated to CCT.

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