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Fundraise: At The Office

Workplace giving

One of the easiest ways to help out CCT is to set up regular giving through workplace giving. If you’re a business owner you can start a program in which employees can opt-in to make regular donations to CCT through the payroll system and if you’re an employee, you can easily request your employer to help facilitate the donations.

There are some great things about workplace giving:

  1. The donation comes out of your pay automatically, so you will have contributed to CCT’s life-changing work without even batting an eyelid!
  2.  Many employers have matched giving programs: that means for every contribution you make, your employee will match the donation or contribute an equivalent percentage. $53AUD allows CCT to purchase a bicycle for a child to reach school; $136 AUD covers one month of extra high school classes for students who need additional tutoring. It’s easy to see how your impact can be stepped up with matched giving!
  3. Another great thing about workplace giving is that you’ll be spreading the word about CCT by your action: if you ask for CCT to be nominated as a workplace giving charity, other employees will be able to learn about the work that CCT does, and we hope that others will want to empower young people to break the cycle of poverty too!

Have a chat with your employer today to see if there is an existing workplace giving program in place. If not, you can always set one up easily today through Good2Give here and pledge a monthly gift to CCT.

Boost staff morale with our ideas of bringing a little fun, and fundraising, into the office! Send us an expression of interest to receive further information and resources to get you started.

Dress-up day: Arrange to have a casual clothing/funny hat/dress up day at your office and have people make donations for taking part.

Raffle: Get a range of prizes together and sell raffle tickets. You could even arrange to have prizes donated or purchased by your workplace or organisation. There are different regulations by state when it comes to raffles, find out more here.

Matching gifts: Arrange for your organisation or workplace to match any donations you collect for CCT within a specified amount of time.

Eco-fines: Fundraise for CCT and help save the planet! Implement a system of small fines for people who fail to turn off power, don’t recycle, print unnecessary documents and so on.

Send us your expression of interest