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Giving voice to millions of children

On August 17 2007, Tara Winkler and Jedtha Pon rescued Sinet Chan and thirteen other children from an abusive orphanage and started CCT.

Exactly ten years later, on August 17 2017, Tara and Sinet stood in Parliament House in Canberra and put forward the case that separating children from families and holding them in orphanages to attract donations is a form of child slavery. The senators were so moved by their testimony that they went on to urge the Australian government to enact a ban on orphanage tourism.

Then on September 17th 2018, the Modern Slavery Bill passed the House of Representatives and is now on the way to the Senate – this legislation also means Australia is the First Nation in the world to recognise orphanage trafficking as a form of modern slavery.

Listen to Sinet Chan and Tara Winkler’s testimony here.