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Katie rallied friends and family to support CCT after an inspiring trip to Cambodia.

“This has been the most fun and engaging fundraising experience, and I’ve done a lot of fundraisers!”

We’re so thankful for the efforts Katie went to in order to support CCT! Read how she did it:

As an international development student, I have learnt about and heard from countless NGOs and charities, and honestly, Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) has demonstrated one of the most holistic, participatory and sustainable approaches to empowering those who are vulnerable and marginalised. 

I met with CCT while in Cambodia for my university studies. The work of this organisation greatly inspired me. CCT’s mission, “to empower vulnerable children and families to escape the cycle of poverty”, is driven by a genuine passion and determination to ensure the best possible life for children, their families and their communities.

I wanted to support the incredible work of this organisation. So when I returned home from Cambodia, I signed up for the City2Surf (a 14km fun run in Sydney) and used my run as a fundraiser for CCT.

Asking people for money can be difficult, but I came to realise that when you want to do something good and support positive change, people genuinely want to support you in whatever ways they can. This fundraising experience taught me not to underestimate the generosity of people.


Throughout my fundraising I also received so much support from CCT in the form of resources and encouragements, which motivated me so much more.

The actual event was so much fun. I would by no means call myself a runner, and that’s okay, I didn’t need to be a pro-athlete to support an incredibly worthwhile cause – I just needed to do what I could. Having done this event as a fundraiser, with all the support from those who had sponsored me or wished me well, and the support of CCT, made making it to the finish line a lot easier and a great deal more satisfying.

I would highly encourage anyone to take part in fundraising for CCT, it was honestly so much fun and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to support CCT’s wonderful work in the small way I can. I am already looking forward to doing it again next year!

Thanks again for your dedication Katie!