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Families Make All the Difference

Thousands of children in Cambodia are living in institutions, like orphanages, even though around 80% of these children have families that could be caring for them given some support. When children grow up in institutions, without the love and care of a family, their development, safety, and well-being suffer.

At CCT, we work to build a world where all children, regardless of their background, can grow up in safe and caring families and communities. Our holistic approach addresses the root causes of family separation and prevents children from being trafficked, subjected to child labour or ending up in orphanages. We also assist children in orphanages to return safely to families.

The cycle of poverty

For Cambodian families living in poverty, meeting their children’s basic needs can be a struggle. A lack of access to food, water, shelter and healthcare creates a high-risk environment in which children are prone to illness and malnourishment. These children are also often forced to spend their days on the street, begging or working to support themselves and their families. Therefore, children who are born into poverty are more likely to grow into adults who are unable to provide for their own children’s basic needs – perpetuating the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

Without social support available to them, some families are left with no other choice but to entrust their children into the care of institutions in the hope they will receive an education and a path out of poverty. However, institutionalisation has long-term and irreversible effects on children’s development, which can trap them deeper in poverty. CCT supports children and their families to break the cycle of poverty together.


Keeping families together

In Cambodia, family separation is one of the biggest threats to children’s well-being and its consequences are far-reaching: broken families, aggravated intergenerational trauma, eroded communities, and dire outcomes for children growing up in institutions. CCT keeps children in families and out of harmful institutions by providing essential support to families at-risk of separation and reunifying institutionalised children with families.

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Training for the future

Education has a ripple effect that can lift individuals, families, communities and even countries out of poverty. But poverty often acts as a barrier for children to access education. Lack of education not only traps children in the cycle of poverty but also contributes to children being separated from their families. At CCT, we pave the way for children to access quality education while remaining in their families and communities.

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Empowering communities

Supportive communities can make all the difference for children and families in crisis. When communities are nurturing, families are stronger and children thrive. At CCT, we involve the entire community to identify needs and solutions to better support children and families. We strengthen safety nets by expanding access to essential health care and social support and collaborate with community members to promote the well-being, safety, learning and health of children.

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Katie rallied friends and family to support CCT after an inspiring trip to Cambodia.

“This has been the most fun and engaging fundraising experience, and I’ve done a lot of fundraisers!” We’re so thankful for the efforts Katie went to in order to support CCT! Read how she did it: As an international development student, I have learnt about and heard from countless NGOs and charities, and honestly, Cambodian

Sopheap’s journey to social work

  Sopheap is a CCT Senior Social Worker with 11 years of social work experience. Find out why he decided to become a social worker: “After the Khmer Civil War, many Cambodian professionals were killed, leaving few social workers in Cambodia. Most older Cambodian people experience post-traumatic stress as a result of their experience under

Connecting families to the services that matter most

Having a birth certificate allows children to be counted. Watch the video to hear direct from a family CCT supports about how connecting families to social services can have a profound effect on a child’s life.   In Cambodia, when children are not born in a hospital, they might not have a birth certificate. This is a huge

What does a Village Based Social Worker do?

You know the old saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”? At CCT we couldn’t agree more. As an implementing partner of Family Care First in Cambodia, an initiative that seeks to to uncover and advance transformational solutions that considerably reduce the number of children growing up outside of safe, nurturing, family-based care,

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