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One in five Cambodians live below the poverty line. We work to enable children and families in Battambang to break free from the intergenerational cycle of poverty, while promoting family preservation and reunification. To do this, we deliver a holistic range of programs and services tailored to suit the unique needs of each family we support. We also deliver services through our community centres, community preschool and foster care homes.

Keeping families together


  • Family tracing and reunification
  • Foster and kinship care
  • Crisis intervention
  • Medical outreach
  • Counselling
  • Dependency reduction and income generation
  • Community Centres


Family tracing and reunification

We conduct family tracing, risk assessments, case planning, and counselling, re-establish relationships, and support children to return safely back to the care of their biological family. The wellbeing, safety and views of the children involved in this process are always our top priority.

Kinship and foster care

Where it's not possible for a child to live with their biological parents, we look at kinship care options so that the child can stay connected to their birth family and community. For those children who have no safe options to live with relatives or who are in the process of family-tracing and family reunification, CCT provides short-term and long-term family-based foster care. All the children in our programs are living in a family.

Crisis intervention

There is limited access to crisis social support services in Cambodia. CCT’s social workers are on call 24/7 to respond to crisis situations to support children and families. Our social workers help develop action plans, source accommodation, liaise with police, de-escalate conflict, provide counselling and ensure the safety of children.

Medical outreach

We provide preventative healthcare measures including vaccinations, regular health check-ups and hygiene classes. We also provide treatment for illnesses, injuries and mental health concerns, and provide support for children and their families living with chronic illnesses such as HIV and Hepatitis.


Our social workers are trained to provide counselling services and regular home visits to the children and families in our programs. Our social workers are on call 24/7 to respond to emergencies and be available during times of heightened risk.

Dependency reduction and income generation

We provide support to families to ensure they can cover their basic living costs. We work closely with school-leavers, parents and caregivers to help them find safe and non-exploitative employment so they can support their own families. We achieve this by providing job counselling and assisting in income generating activities.

Community Centres and Preschool

CCT’s Community Centres and Preschool are safe places for children to access nutritious meals, hygiene classes, clean drinking water, shower and bathroom facilities, medical treatment, counselling and social work support.

Community Centres and Preschool

Training for the future


  • Public school enrolment
  • Preschool
  • Academic classes
  • Life skills
  • Cultural activities
  • Physical education
  • ICT
  • School in the cloud
  • Vocational training
Public school enrolment

We enrol all children in our programs in their local public schools, while also organising supplementary classes at our Community Centres. Our social workers follow-up the children's school attendance to ensure they are attending classes.


Our Preschool was established for the younger siblings of the children who attend our Community Centres. It provides these young children with the care they require while their older siblings are at school. It also provides them with nutritious meals, medical care and a full day of activities to promote their emotional, physical and intellectual development. These children and their families also receive the support of our social workers.

Academic classes

All the children in our programs are enrolled in the local public school. We provide supplementary academic classes at our Community Centres that improve children’s confidence and academic results by helping them brush up on their maths, computer, and language skills.

Life skills

Our life skills classes ensure children learn about a range of important topics and develop important skills needed for successful independent living, such as nutrition, gardening and financial literacy. CCT’s Kitchen Garden classes give the children an opportunity to learn how to plant, tend and harvest their own food.

Cultural activities

During the Khmer Rouge regime Cambodian art and culture was nearly wiped out. At CCT, we keep Cambodian culture alive for the next generation by providing cultural activities for the children in our programs. These activities include Aspara dancing, Khmer music classes and Khmer theatre.

Physical education

The sporting activities we run provide a well-rounded education for the children in our programs and ensure they remain happy and healthy! At our Community Centre children can participate in football, Aspara dancing and the Cambodian martial art of Bokator.


Embedding ICT Literacy programs into the national high school curriculum, as well as offering opportunities for further and more advanced ICT skill development, ensures that children are learning the crucial skills they will need to keep up with the rest of the world and break free from the cycle of poverty.

School in the cloud

CCT’s School in the Cloud classroom is being run in partnership with Sugata Mitra’s School in the Cloud.

The School in the Cloud classroom helps students prepare for the future by using Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLE). This revolutionary approach to education will spark the imagination and creativity of students in our programs by asking big questions or connecting them with a global team of volunteer mediators known as Grannies. Learning happens spontaneously in these purposefully chaotic environments.

Vocational training

We help young adults and school-leavers find safe and non-exploitive employment training (such as in the hospitality and auto-mechanic industry) that will help them earn a secure income. On average, the training lasts one year – after which time the young adult will either start their own business or seek employment in their field of expertise.

Empowering Communities


  • Social support services
  • Educational workshops and support groups
  • Advocacy
  • Family Care First
  • Childsafe Alliance
  • 3PC


Social support services

Our team of social workers provide social support services, while working closely with the local government's Department of Social Affairs Veterans and Youth (DoSVY), the Commune Council for Women and Children (CCWC), village chiefs and commune leaders.

Educational workshops and support groups

We provide a range of educational workshops for community members and families in our programs, including: skillful parenting workshops, school attendance workshops and alcohol support groups. We also train all our staff in child protection.


We work with NGOs, local people, government officials, tourists, partners and donors to deliver educational visits/presentations and spread the word about the importance of keeping families together and ending institutionalised care in Cambodia.

Family Care First Cambodia

We are part of the Family Care First Cambodia (FCFC) initiative, funded by USAID. FCFC aims to prevent unnecessary separation of children from their families and enable children outside of family care to be placed in appropriate care. FCFC was impressed by CCT’s approach and has now committed to work with us to strengthen our model so that it can be applied to other regions in Cambodia.

Childsafe Alliance

In 2015, CCT signed the ChildSafe Alliance collaboration agreement with our partner Friends-International. The ChildSafe Alliance is an international partnership of NGOs and government services working together to provide the highest standards of direct services to marginalised children and youth (aged 0-24 years), their families and their communities. Together, we develop innovative approaches, create higher standards, influence policies and multiply our impact.


We have also joined the 3PC Alliance, a partnership program that seeks to protect children, which is powered by Friends-International and UNICEF. Made up of a network of 13 NGOs, 3PC sets specific — and tangible — targets to significantly improve the quality of services that organisations provide to vulnerable youth in Cambodia.

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