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Nich’s family

Nich* (pictured with mum Amoch) is 5 years old and one of the newest enrolments into CCT’s community centre program.

When CCT first started working with Nich’s family, mother Amoch and father Makara were struggling to support their family of 5.  Amoch, 39, reflects on the period before CCT became involved, which she describes as a “bad situation”.

 We had a small old house and with 5 children.  Our income wasn’t enough for food everyday or enough to support my children to study. Sometimes there was enough money for lunch, but not enough for dinner.”

 With CCT’s support, Amoch’s family is getting back on their feet again. Nich’s sisters Gneit (14), Chariya (12) and brother Seavi (8) attend CCT’s Satellite Community Centres and soon little sister Nich will join them when she also starts school later this year.

Amoch works as a sour spice and fruit seller, and her husband Makara is a taxi assistant (receiving small commissions on people booking into taxis leaving from Battambang’s main market). But Amoch has plans to improve her family’s income. Before CCT met Amoch and her family, they were experiencing debt. Now with CCT’s support, they are able to financially plan into the future.

 My family is much better now because all my children have enough school material for their study. They have enough food to eat at the center, which is really good for us to save some food cost for them. I am not highly educated but I do want to have a higher income for my family. So if it is possible, I want to expand my business in the future, selling food ingredients to other businesses.”

*Names changed to protect privacy