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Nurturing talent with our Ninja course

Our Ninjas are not the kind that fly through the air, they are inspiring students who excel with their super digital skills.

Cambodia ranked in the bottom 10 countries for growing, nurturing and retaining talent (in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index relating to technology) — a fact that highlights the importance of fostering enthusiasm and flair in the ICT field. This is why CCT offers passionate and dedicated students from local high schools the opportunity to participate in advanced ICT classes during their school holidays. We call these students the ICT Ninjas.

This year, more than 200 students from two high schools registered for the Ninja course, and almost half of the participants were female. ICT is a male dominated field in general and this is especially true in a country like Cambodia, so it was fantastic to see a huge level of interest from girls.

Students learnt about video editing and web design, depending on whether they had participated in a previous course, and produced some excellent work over the course of the holiday program.

Sitting in the courtyard of Monivong High School during a short break in Ninja class, 17-year-old Kannitha* said she was enjoying learning about video editing.

“I’ve been learning about how to import and export files, how to cut footage, how to put in background sound, create transitions and effects and add text. My favourite part of the video editing course has been adding in text to karaoke clips.”

“Last Ninja course I did web design and robotics. Before that I knew little about computers but now I can make a robot run like a car and design a website.”

The Ninja course is a great way for students to challenge themselves and learn specialized ICT skills. For students like Kannitha, being an ICT Ninja means a big step toward making dreams come true.

“In the future these skills can help me a lot to find a job because computer skills are a basic job requirement. Now I know a lot about computers and have a good chance to get the job I want. I have two career goals. One is to become a professional web designer and the other is to become an engineer.”

*Name changed to protect privacy