Phum Ang Youth Centre Update

Phum Ang Youth Centre

Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with OuChar Commune

The MOU outlined both CCT and the commune’s responsibilities and commitments to the project, outlined financial arrangements including capacity building to improve the commune’s fiscal management, and a strict zero-tolerance policy towards corruption.

Signing took place in December, with provincial representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans, and Youth, the Director of the Commune Council for Women and Children and the Department of Health in attendance. The commune committee has been looking forward to moving ahead with the project and is positive about taking on responsibilities of their Village Hive child protection and social protection system.

Signed Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Department of Education

In December 2019, CCT also signed an MOU with the Department of Education.

This MOU was to ensure we had a formal agreement in place allowing CCT and OuChar commune to build Youth Centres within public school grounds. We had a very positive response from the Department of Education who are also very enthusiastic about the project.

Building OuChar’s Child Protection & Social Protection System

CCT child protection officers have now completed child protection training at all four primary schools and secondary school in Ou Char Commune, including Ang School.

79 public school administrators and teachers took part in the training. For the majority of the teachers, this was their first time ever receiving child protection training. This will ensure teachers work effectively with the commune council and CCT to identify, report, and respond to any child protection issues in their community and school.

Renovations underway at Ang Primary School

CCT’s construction coordinator designed and finalised all plans required to renovate a classroom in Ang primary school into a fully-functioning Youth Centre.

On Friday, 17th January, construction workers began renovating the space to build new toilets and shower block. Not only will this improve health and hygiene conditions for the most vulnerable kids in Ang, but it will also be accessible for all children in the school.

Currently, there are only two toilets for approximately 350 children and staff, so this will lessen the strains on the school and help to keep all children safe and healthy. The project has already connected the school to piped water, which will make it easier for students to keep clean and wash their hands, preventing communicable illnesses.

Next steps

While renovations at Ang school are underway, we are now working towards hiring and training two youth workers for Ang School’s new Youth Centre. We are finalising HR and financial policies with the commune, and will begin advertising and interviewing the positions shortly.