Protect vulnerable children in Phum Ang Village

If we can raise $35,000 USD we can put a Village Hive in Phum Ang Village, keeping its children safe and its 493 families together.

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  • Reduce fees for donations over $1000 by donating by bank transfer
  • 493 families empowered
  • Access to vital services
  • Long term sustainabiity

It takes a village

The Village Hive model has been developed over 12 years by Cambodian Children’s Trust to prevent kids from ending up in situations like orphanages or on the street.

  • Upstream – early intervention before harm occurs 
  • Community-ledcommunities know how best to protect children in their village
  • Family-centred – put families in the drivers seat
  • Network-poweredsurrounds vulnerable children with support networks
  • Evidence-based – 60 years of international research on early childhood development

Chomnor's story

11-year-old Chomnor was working on the street before he was placed in an orphanage.

Last year, we helped Chomnor leave the orphanage and reunite him with his aunt, uncle and six cousins.

The power of networks

Each vulnerable child identified by the Village Hive is surrounded by support networks.

  • Family networkrelatives and other supportive adults
  • Community network community members and social workers
  • Services network – access to vital services

Vital Services Prevent Separation

Instead of kids ending up in orphanages to access their basic needs, we can bring these services to the children and their families through a Village Hive.

Social services

CCT’s Cambodian social workers mobilise family networks.

  • home visitis
  • 24/7 crisis intervention
  • counselling
  • empowerment plans with families
  • facilitate access to vital services

Health services

Access to healthcare services prevents separation and keeps families strong.

  • emergency services
  • nutrition program
  • preventative health workshops
  • hygiene facilities
  • access to hospitals and speciality health services

Finance and income generation services

We take families from a place of vulnerability to empowerment.

  • financial literacy
  • family budgeting workshops
  • income generation iniatives
  • employment assistance

Education support services

Ensuring children can access public school education is vital to prevent them from ending up in orphanages.

  • school enrollment assistance
  • back-to-school packs
  • school pick-up/drop off
  • homework tuition
  • life skills classes
  • student leadership clubs

Community foster care services

In cases in which children can’t live with family children are placed with a foster family in their home community.

  • only used after all other options exhuasted
  • families chosen to preserve exhisting relationships in child’s life

Home construction, renovation & rental support services

Our construction team partner with families to ensure they have safe housing.

  • roof over families heads
  • doors that lock
  • connected electricity and water
  • a functioning bathroom

True empowerment comes from not just listening to the needs of the communities, but inviting them to be architects of the programs and services.

The Phum Ang Village Hive is part of a larger Sustainability Pilot that will see the management the Village Hive transferred to local communities, embedded into local public systems.

$35,500 USD goes a long way in Cambodia

Set up and power a Village Hive for a whole year become a regular monthly giver to provide consistent support to families or make a one off donation!

Finance and income generation


Social work




Community Satellite Centres


Construction & home repairs


Community foster care


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