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Senior Social Worker Lyly explains how CCT has helped one family overcome a nightly challenge

Getting dinner on the table and helping kids with their homework after a long day can be challenging enough for a single parent – now imagine doing all that in the dark! 

Read an account from CCT Senior Social Worker Lyly about how we’ve supported a family vulnerable to separation with an innovative, tailor-fit solution.

“My name is Lyly. I’m a senior social worker at CCT and  I supervise four village social workers. I work in Svaypor and Odambang 1 communes.

I would like to share with you and give an update about a family that CCT’s working with.

Channa* is a single mother who raises 4 children on her own and gets her income by selling fried banana at the market.  Our project works to help families live together and to not send their child to Residential Care Institutions, like orphanages.

I want to tell you more about her situation. She has a small house with two walls and no electricity at such difficult time for the kids at night time (study, getting dinner and safety in the home).

We did a case plan with the family and decided we could help to repair the house and make it more safe for the family.

Channa helped to find wood in her village and supported Buff, CCT’s Construction Manager, to make the necessary repairs.

The family didn’t have the money to connect up to electricity so CCT came up with the idea to buy Channa a small solar light. The solar light helps her son and daughter to do their homework at night. Below is a picture of me and Channa with the solar light.

CCT is also supporting the school material for the kids which is necessary for their study.

Thanks to all our donors for supporting our project to help families stay together.”

-Lyly, CCT Senior Social Worker

*names changed to protect privacy