Village Hive – Services

CCT’s Village Hive plugs gaps in vital support services. A network of services ensure families have the resources to raise their children, preventing unnecessary family separation.

Where possible, these services are embedded into a public systems and facilities in a village to achieve sustainable change.

Family strengthening and reintegration services

CCT’s Cambodian social workers conduct home visits, provide 24/7 crisis intervention and counselling. They mobilise family networks and co-create safety and empowerment plans with families, ensuring they have access to vital support services.

Health services

Access to healthcare services prevents separation, keeps families healthy and strong and ensures the children are thriving. CCT Village Hive model brings vital health services into communities such as emergency services, nutrition program, preventative health workshops, hygiene facilities and access to hospitals and speciality health services.

Financial coaching and income generation services

Financial literacy, family budgeting workshops, savings planning, income generation initiatives and employment assistance are essential to taking families from a place of vulnerability to empowerment and independence. 

Education support services

Ensuring children can access public school education is vital to prevent them from ending up in orphanages. CCT’s Village Hive brings vital education support into communties to give children their best chance at education. Education services include: assistance with enrollment into public school, back-to-school packs (uniforms, shoes, bags, books, bicycle), school pick-up/drop off service for young students, homework tuition, life skills classes and student leadership clubs.

Community foster care services

Every effort is made to prevent family separation. Foster care is only an option after social workers have exhausted all possibilities to keep children with their parents or relatives. In cases in which children can’t live with family, social workers aim to preserve the relationships in a child’s life by placing them with a foster family in their home community.

Home construction, renovation & rental support services

Ensuring families have a secure roof over their heads, doors that lock, connected electricity and water, a functioning bathroom and kitchen is vital to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children. Our construction team partner with families to ensure they have safe housing.

Youth Centres

Many of the services in CCT’s Village Hive model are delivered from Satellite Youth Centres.

Working together with families to solve complex problems can take time. While CCT social workers are helping families work towards their long-term goals, vulnerable children are able to access their basic needs from a Satellite Youth Centre in their village.

Some of the services that are delivered out of the Satellite Youth Centres include:

  • nutritious meals,
  • clean water,
  • hygiene and sanitation facilities,
  • nurses to treat minor ailments
  • social workers for counselling
  • transportation to public school and home,
  • school uniforms and supplies,
  • tutoring and life skills classes,
  • emergency accommodation for families experiencing a crisis, such as domestic violence.

Programs within the Satellite Youth Centres are inclusive for children with diverse needs, such as learning difficulties, disabilities, autism, foetal alcohol syndrome and cerebral palsy. Street children also access these centres while CCT social workers work with their families to reintegrate them back home and into school.

The Satellite Youth Centres have proven to be an effective early intervention measure to prevent vulnerable children from being separated from families to access services in orphanages.