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Sinet addresses the UN

Sinet Chan was recently invited to speak at the United Nations Day of General Discussion about her experience growing up in an orphanage and child rights.

Over 1000 people attended the sessions over 2 days from 120 countries.

“We were working like slaves. When I was younger, I just thought of these activities as a means of survival, but now I realise it was a form of child trafficking and exploitation,” said Sinet.

Watch Sinet’s powerful and moving address to the UN.

Sinet wants more people to support family-based care

“The support of orphanages has created a thriving industry in which children were separated from their families and subjected to terrible abuse and neglect, as I was, being used as a commodity to generate funding. This support must be redirected towards supporting families and family-based care. Children around the world have the right to grow up knowing the love and belonging of their family,” said Sinet.

CCT’s family-based care model keeps children and families together. To learn more about our model click here.