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Sopheap’s journey to social work


Sopheap is a CCT Senior Social Worker with 11 years of social work experience. Find out why he decided to become a social worker:

“After the Khmer Civil War, many Cambodian professionals were killed, leaving few social workers in Cambodia. Most older Cambodian people experience post-traumatic stress as a result of their experience under the Khmer Rouge, and these stresses affect younger generations too.

There are many families living in poverty in Cambodia. The children don’t have enough food to eat, they lack the nutrition they need to grow healthy, they lack shelter. In Cambodia, many poor children have not been protected, children have been exploited for child labour, they have not had access to healthcare, and not had access to education.

All of these thing pushed me to become a social worker, so I can help these people.

Before I thought that working with vulnerable family and children was not a hard work to do; we could just give them money or food and that would be enough. But when I became a social worker, I realised that social work was not an easy job. It’s not always easy to help others to understand and think about behaviour in order to make a difference in their lives. The most important thing I’ve learnt is to try to strengthen the family’s ability to solve problems by themselves.

I’m proud that I have trained and shared my knowledge with 22 village-based social workers while I’ve been working at CCT. I’ve trained many other organisations in the social work field as well. I’ve helped many vulnerable children and families to live in safety and free from poverty. I’ve contributed to preventing the separation of children from their family into orphanages and I’ve learnt a way of life for families and children in communities that are different from my own”.