Empower a family with

a sustainable livelihood

Last year, you helped us prevent 140 children from losing their education during lockdowns.

To ensure their families are self-reliant and able to withstand future setbacks, they need assistance to build sustainable livelihoods. 

We need your help to give 63 families a kickstart to break the cycle of poverty and give their children the future they deserve. For $500 you could help one family escape poverty and achieve financial freedom.

2/63 families reached


We’re so grateful for the support we received last year which enabled 100% of children who were at risk of losing their education to return to school after lockdown. Thanks to the home learning support they received, some of these children even returned to school two grades higher than when lockdown began. 

However, CCT’s work doesn’t end here. Our mission is to see families become truly resilient and self-reliant. If a family is in such a vulnerable position that one setback means they cannot afford to keep their child in school then they have not escaped the cycle of poverty. To exit from CCT’s support, families need to be able to overcome present challenges and navigate future challenges too.

Assisting these families to establish a sustainable livelihood is a path towards self-sufficiency that truly breaks the cycle of poverty. 

Of the 140 children who returned to school last year, 63 of their families have still not recovered their income and livelihoods that were lost through the pandemic. Without income to cover costs of food, rent, education or healthcare, these families are at risk of falling into extreme poverty and losing their children to an orphanage.

Empower a family


How does $500 empower a family?

A $500 donation covers financial literacy coaching required to launch income generation activities for one family.

Financial literacy coaching focuses on topics like budgeting, making smart purchases, managing expenses, avoiding and solving debt, savings planning and goal setting. Families will be encouraged to identify their existing strengths and move towards their livelihood goals by developing a 3-month food security plan, a 6-month stability plan and a 12-month sustainability plan.  

Next, we will support the family with income generation activities of their choice. After identifying their existing strengths and skills, the young adults and adults in the family will make a decision about whether they want to start a business or undertake vocational training.  If a family wants to start a business, CCT will provide the capital. This often includes the cost of buying vegetables, seeds, chickens, mushrooms, a food cart or a small stall. If someone in the family would like to complete vocational training, we will cover the costs of their preferred course, such as food and beverage services, motor repairs, agriculture or sewing. 

Access to financial literacy coaching before income generation activities will empower a family to build a sustainable livelihood that helps them achieve financial freedom and escape poverty.

Get together with 10 of your friends, family or workmates and put in $50 each to empower a family with a sustainable livelihood.

Or, host a small event to raise funds, like running a marathon or hosting a fundraising dinner with friends and family. 

Get in touch with our team at [email protected] so we can support your efforts!


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