Village Hive – Community Network

The knowledge of how to best to protect children exists within the community.

The CCT Village Hive model mobilises community members to drive the child protection system in their village, ensuring no vulnerable children are overlooked.

Each Village Hive has a Community Network that is comprised of community members and CCT village-based social workers.

Graphic representing the Village Hive with vulnerable children at its center

Their role

Identification and referral

The community members and village-based social workers in each Community Network know their communities well. The communities members work to identify every single vulnerable child in their village and refer them to the village-based social workers, who are the first to respond.

Village-based social workers then work with CCT senior social workers to partner with families to co-create safety and empowerment plans.

Facilitating access to vital services

Community Networks identify gaps in necessary support services in their village, which are then plugged by CCT’s Village Hive.

Village-based social workers in the Community Network assist families in accessing vital health, education and social services.

Community Education Workshops

Community Networks run education workshops in their village, such as parenting skills, home safety, alcohol support groups and child empowerment clubs. These workshops are a means of identifying vulnerable children and also of addressing some of the root causes of child protection issues in their community.

How they're formed

Community Networks are co-created with community members, local council and local authorities in each Village Hive.


The terms of reference for the Community Networks are created in workshops with the local communities, local council and local authorities. The co-creation workshops determined such things as the roles and responsibilities of the network, how many members were needed, how all members of the villages would be accurately represented with trusted voices, what benefits and remuneration the members would receive, and how the network would be formed and function.

Self-referral and community elections

The community-led aspect of CCT’s model means each Village Hive is unique. Some villages preferred to form their Community Network through a process of self-appointing. Other villages opted to appoint their Community Network by hosting a democratic election. Positions on the Community Network aim to represent and give voice to the whole community, including youth, minority groups and all genders.

Ceremony and training

Whether self-appointed or elected, all Community Network members undertake a background check and basic child protection training. A ceremony is then held in each village to introduce the Community Network members to the whole community.