Exit Strategy

The Village Hive pilot program

We are working towards integrating the Village Hive into the public sector where it can be delivered sustainably by communities. 

The ultimate aim of the pilot is to create an evidence base for a prevention-focused child protection system that can be scaled across Cambodia.

The pilot will transfer the delivery of the Village Hive multi-sector services from CCT to the local councils, who rightfully hold the responsibility to provide services to their community.

Through a framework of integrated and shared governance between the local councils, CCT and the wider community, the pilot will ensure the 27,000 families (population of 150,000 people) in Battambang District can access prevention and early intervention services from within their own communities. Families will have the support they need to send their children to school, improve their families’ living conditions and nutrition, protect their children from abuse and exploitation, prevent family separation, bring their children home from orphanages, expand their businesses and overcome multidimensional poverty. 

At USD$10 pax per annum, the Village Hive could viably be funded through the government’s commune investment plans in the future, creating a clear exit pathway for CCT. 

The ultimate aim of the pilot is to build an evidence-base to convince government, Cambodian NGOs and international donors to invest in preventative child protection that can be replicated and scaled across Cambodia.

Stage 1 - Ou Char Commune

Stage one of the pilot launched in 2020 in Ou Char Commune, one of the ten communes in Battambang District, with a population of 2,872 families (total of 17,840 people). 

In early 2020, we partnered with the local council in Ou Char local to build a system for integrated governance, including drafting and signing MOUs with all relevant stakeholders, co-designing frameworks to govern the fiscal and human resource management, delivering training in child protection and anti-corruption protocols.

By October 2020, the first of the Village Hive multi-sector services – the Village Hive Youth Centre – was integrated into Ou Char Commune.

The public school in Ou Char committed a designated space for the Village Hive youth centre service. The space was then renovated so it is fit-for-purpose, including building a toilet and shower block, a kitchen, two classrooms, a play area and computer library.

School staff and faculty then underwent training in child protection and service delivery. There are currently 54 children, including 10 preschool-aged children, from Ou Char commune enrolled and accessing the youth centre public school service.

CCT are currently seeking partners to integrate the remaining Village Hive services into Ou Char Commune.

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