Village Hive – Family Networks

It takes a village to raise up a family

The Village Hive builds life-long supports for vulnerable children by creating a Family Network.

Bringing together a Family Network involves helping children and families to identify relatives and other supportive adults who are willing to play a permanent role in ensuring the ongoing safety and wellbeing of the children.

Graphic representing the family network with vulnerable children at the center

Their role

Sustainable safety and wellbeing

Family Networks ensure that vulnerable children have meaningful and enduring connections with adults who will support them across their lifespan. The members of the Family Network support the ongoing strengthening of the family, give children stable relationships within a kinship system, and support the child’s transition to adulthood and beyond.

Practical Support

CCT Social Workers facilitate Family Network conferences to co-create realistic and sustainable plans to empower families and meet the long-term needs of children. Members of the Family Network play active roles in the formulation and execution of the safety and empowerment plans.


CCT Social Workers use a strengths-based, family-driven approach that draws on the knowledge and wisdom of Family Networks to solve complex problems in families. The approach places families in the driving seat, ensuring they are equipped to meet the challenges in their lives and ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of their children.