140 kids prevented from losing their education

Last year, we launched an appeal to prevent 140 kids in Battambang from losing their education. While schools across Cambodia were closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, these kids were unable to access home learning, putting them at risk of losing their education entirely.

We know education is key in helping families escape multidimensional poverty and thanks to our incredible community, we reached our goal of helping all 140 kids to stay in school!

Here is the story of Vanna, one of the kids we helped to stay in school despite them being closed for several months in 2021. Vanna continued to study at home and ended up coming first in her end of year exams!

Your donations covered all the homeschooling support and back-to-school assistance the kids needed, such as the delivery of home-learning materials, access to computers, back-to-school packs including books, uniforms and shoes, as well as nutritious breakfast and lunch delivered every day and financial coaching for their families.

We are so grateful for everyone who got behind us to support these 140 kids. We couldn’t get photos and videos with everyone, but here are just some of the kids we prevented from losing their education.

With your help, we can ensure that Cambodian children and youth get their education and their families are supported to become strong, resilient and empowered.