Consultancy Services

CCT offers consultancy services for individuals and organisations looking for guidance, support and advice. 

CCT’s directors, Tara Winkler, Pon Jedtha and Keir Drinnan are experienced leaders in the child protection and NGO sector in Cambodia. They have led CCT’s team of 150+ Cambodians through major organisational changes and helped to establish CCT’s holistic and sustainable Village Hive model.

Tara Winkler

CCT Co-Founder and CEO of Cambodian Children’s Trust Australia

Pon Jedtha

CCT Co-founder and CEO of Cambodian Children’s Trust

Keir Drinnan

Managing Director of Cambodian Children’s Trust Australia

Rates for consultation with a CCT director

CCT’s directors are available for individual consultation work. Fees for consultancy with one CCT director are below. Fee is to be paid as a donation to CCT.

$150 AUD/hour
$400 AUD/half day
$750 AUD/full day

Rates can be considered on a sliding scale basis for Cambodians, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) or people working with Indigenous communities.

Family portrait of a Cambodian mother and her 3 children