Village Hive Model

A Village Hive mobilses whole communities to protect children from facing adversity, like ending up in orphanages or on the street. It is a community-led model made up of dynamic networks of people and services that ensure no vulnerable child is overlooked.

Each Village Hive is co-created with members of the local community to ensure it meets the specific needs in the village. The networks in a Village Hive facilitate holistic interventions in children’s lives, taking families from a place of vulnerability to empowerment.

With your help we can put a Village Hive in 36 Villages across Battambang and reach 20,000 families by 2020.

Join a Village Hive

We co-create each Village Hive with the local community and empower them to protect children and strengthen families.

True empowerment comes from not just listening to the needs of the communities and families, but inviting them to be architects of the programs and services that protect their children.

Elements of The Model

Each Village Hive is powered by networks of families, community members, social workers and services.

Community Network

The Village Hive mobilises community members to protect the children in their village.

The Community Network is made up of community members and CCT social workers who’s role is to drive the child protection in their village. The role of the Community Network is to identify every single vulnerable child in their village and then refer them to CCT village-based social workers. They identify gaps in necessary support services in their village and run community education workshops in their village, such as parenting skills, home safety, alcohol support groups and child empowerment clubs. 

Services Network

The Village Hive plugs the gaps in support services in the village. The Services Network consists of support programs that are vital to strengthening vulnerable families.

The network of services ensures children have access to all their basic needs from within their own community, preventing them from facing adversity. Social Workers and Family Networks are then able to draw on these services to create tailored support plans for families.

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Family Networks

The Village Hive strengthens families by building intentional support networks around each vulnerable family. Family Networks are made up of relatives, friends, neighbours and anyone who is naturally connected to the child and is concerned for their welfare.

The role of a Family Network is to create a practical support plan with a social worker to ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of a vulnerable child. The members of the Family Network play practical roles in the execution of the plan, providing invaluable support to the child’s primary care giver.

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