Drops of Wisdom

We are launching a new video series, called Drops of Wisdom, that will showcase the incredible talent, expertise and cultural wisdom of the Cambodian people.Watch the official trailer to hear Sinet Chan, CCT’s ambassador, and Tara Winkler, CCT’s co-founder, explain why we’re launching this series.

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    Following the release of the trailer to the public, we received overwhelming interest from thought leaders across the country who have asked to participate in the project. We want to seize this opportunity to give a platform to some of Cambodia’s most brilliant minds and learn about their unique perspectives.

    With your generous support, we can grow this series, give platform and voice to visionary leaders across Cambodia and counteract negative stereotypes to create a better world, one drop of wisdom at a time.

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    Help Us Break Down Stereotypes, One Drop of Wisdom at a Time

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