Supporting their grandchildren – Chhom and Vin’s Story

August 2020

Grandparents, Chhom and Vin, have been supporting their six grandchildren since their parents went in search of work. Before COVID-19, Chhom worked as a security guard 7 days a week and Vin stayed home to look after her youngest grandchild who was just 2-years-old.

Vin provided food for the family by collecting small fish out of a nearby river every morning. It’s hard work and gave her family just enough food to survive. But Vin is getting older. When she was sick or tired, the older children stayed home from school to go fishing for her. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have had enough food to eat.

The power of community

Members of Community Networks in CCT’s Village Hive know their communities well. They work to identify every single vulnerable child in their village and refer them to CCT’s village-based social workers, who are the first to respond. Village-based social workers then work with our senior social workers to create safety and empowerment plans with families.

Chhom and Vin’s Community Network identified that Vin’s family was struggling and referred them directly to CCT’s village-based social workers. Together, they partnered with the family to plan for their sustainable future.

A sustainable future

It was agreed together with the family that while the family is working towards long term self-sufficiency, CCT will support the costs for the 5 oldest kids to go to school, including two bikes to help them get to and from school easily. They will also receive on-call medical support and a monthly delivery of essential food supplies. Soon our Construction Team will fix the holes in their roof, making the home a safe place for the kids to grow up.

After support from CCT Chhom and Vin are finding it easier to make ends meet. Every day the kids visit our Youth Centre and when schools reopen, they will start attending classes. Vin still goes fishing most mornings, but it’s no longer their sole source of nutrition.

Our Family Finance team is also working with the family, coaching them towards financial freedom.

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