Chomnor’s Story – an update!

June 2021

When CCT first met Chomnor three years ago he had just been reunited with his aunt, uncle and 6 cousins. As a very young child he had been trafficked to Thailand and forced to beg for money and food by a corrupt orphanage. When he was discovered by Thai police begging on the streets, CCT worked with Unicef and the Thai authorities to bring him home.

So much has changed since that time. Chomnor, 11, is now a bright and confident child who loves his new life at home with his family.

Watch CCT ambassador Sinet as she visits Chomnor at home with his family over the past two years to see his progress.

CCT will continue providing healthcare, education and income support to ensure Chomnor and his cousins have all they need to keep thriving.

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