Chomnor’s Story – Safely home with family

September 2019

Just a few years ago Chomnor was living in an orphanage in Thailand where he was forced to wander the streets and beg for money. Today, Chomnor is living with his family after Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) helped to reunite him with his aunt, uncle and six cousins.

Now that Chomnor is home, we are ensuring his aunt and uncle have all the support they need to raise all seven children. When we first met Chomnor’s family the living conditions weren’t safe for young children. CCT’s construction team began renovating their home.

CCT’s Village Hive model reunites families using a bottom-up approach. It builds support networks around families who have children living in orphanages and then empowers them to bring their children home. Families are the experts in their own lives. When families are in the driving seat and plans are co-created with their support network, we can achieve long term safety and security for children.

Chomnor is now thriving at home and in school. CCT’s social workers will continually check in with him and make sure the family have all the support they need to safely raise Chomnor and his cousins.