Chorvarn and Savan’s Story – Safely home with grandma

February 2020

After 5 years living in an orphanage, siblings Chorvarn and Savan are finally leaving for good. They are returning home to the safety of their grandma to restart their lives, surrounded by love and family.

or was unable to provide for her grandchildren, so she sent them to a local orphanage in the hope it would be a path out of poverty to a better. But, science tells us that separation is a profoundly traumatic experience for both the child and the parent. Prolonged separation disrupts the development of brain architecture in children with serious negative impacts on learning, behaviour, and lifelong health.

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When CCT first met Sor, she wanted to bring her grandchildren home. Our social workers co-created a plan with Sor and her local village government so she can provide for all her grandchildren’s needs.

Putting families in the driving seat, empowering them to make their own decisions, is a key part of CCT’s Village Hive model. Sor will be able to access support programs that are vital to strengthening her family.
To begin with, they will receive food, specialised medical and mental health support and vital education support like school supplies and bicycles.

Soon the CCT construction team will start work on a new bathroom for the family, ensuring they have a safe home environment to stay together.

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