Community rallies around mother and son – Chreb and Yeab’s Story

May 2021

Chreb is a busy single mum who lives with her two children Yeab and Sochea, along with caring for her 8 month-old granddaughter Theara.

After her husband died, Chreb worked hard to support her family. Everyday she would ride her bicycle to pick vegetables to sell at the local market. Her family relied on this income to survive, and when business was slow her family often didn’t have enough food to eat.

Chreb and Yeab live with the same chronic illness that requires constant medical care, daily medication and good nutrition. Yet day-to-day survival has been a higher priority than specialised medical care. Without it they were incredibly unwell.

After witnessing this family’s daily struggles, authorities from their Village Hive reached out to CCT to see what support could be offered to them. CCT quickly organised a meeting with the family, village chief, local authorities along with CCT nurses, construction team and family finance team. With acute issues this severe, it was vital that all CCT teams came together to co-create a holistic and sustainable plan for the future with Chreb.

Firstly, CCT nurses supported Chreb and Yeab to attend doctors appointments and get the specialist care they needed from the local hospital in Battambang. Accessing health care has been life-changing for Chreb and Yeab. Although their illness is long-term, they can live a relatively normal life with the support of the medication.

CCT will continue to support the family with monthly food supplies and education support for Yeab. Soon, our construction team will start work on renovating their house.

Chreb continues to work selling vegetables at the local market. She has been working closely with the Family Finance team who are coaching her on business and financial literacy skills to help her generate a steady income and get a savings plan in place.

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