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  • Account name: Cambodian Children’s Trust Australia
  • Account BSB: 06 2238
  • Account number: 10154325
  • SWIFT/Iban number: CTBAAU2S

CCT began in 2007 when we rescued children from an abusive orphanage. Twenty-one of those children couldn’t be reunited with their families and went on to live with loving foster families. We’ve watched them grow and couldn’t be more proud of the kind, resilient and determined young adults they’ve become.

Sixteen years later, these 21 young adults are now ready to leave home. However, none of them have families to support them through these challenging early days of independence. These young adults are leaving foster care without a single asset to their name. They’ve all had a really tough start to life, which statistically means they are unlikely to ever own their own home.

We want to give them safety and security and the best chance of succeeding by providing each of them with a small piece of land and a modest place to call home.

Meet the inspiring young
adults whose lives are about to change

Why is this project important?

As well as empowering some exceptional youth who have overcome more than a fair share of challenges in their young lives, this project also gets CCT one step closer to our ultimate aim: our own redundancy.

Our vision for the Village Hive Project is to foster self-reliant communities that aren’t dependent on charity and don’t need our help anymore.

Once these young adults are living independently in their own homes, CCT won’t be required to operate a private foster care program anymore, as this service will be provided by the Village Hive communities.

To make this dream a reality,
we need your generous support.

We need your help buying a piece of land to build houses for these 21 young adults to call home.

They have grown up together, developed deep bonds, and want to put down new roots together so they can provide lifelong support to one another.

We want to set these 21 young adults up with their own homes on a block of land that we will subdivide between them. The land will cost $195,000, and we need $5,000 to build each of the 21 homes. Altogether, we aim to raise $300,000 to provide these young adults with the security they need to succeed.

Please consider donating generously to help these young adults step confidently into the next chapter of their lives in a place where they will never feel alone and where they can always feel at home.