Climate Change – We’re All In This Together

January 2020

Over the past few weeks, the children at our CCT Youth Centres have been attending workshops run by Cambodian climate change specialist, Chan Vichet.

“I have been teaching children about climate change in community workshops run by Cambodian Children’s Trust in Northwest Cambodia.

This week, I informed them about the bushfire crisis in Australia. When they learnt about the devastating loss of life, homes and wildlife, they asked to stop the class to write letters of support to Australia. Their response shows how this climate emergency transcends all boundaries. We only have one world and all our futures are interconnected. We’re all in this together. We, Cambodians, stand with Australia and pledge to do what we can as individuals to combat climate change.”

Students were introduced to the concept of climate change, and how they can adapt to a changing climate, both in Cambodia and also the rest of the world. At the end of the lesson, the students drew pictures in response to what they were learning. Many chose to focus on the Australian bushfires.

“The reason why we have introduced the knowledge of climate change and what’s happening in Australia to the children today is to make them aware that we are not alone. Everything is interconnected.”

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