Computer Training Program Achieves Sustainability Reaching Thousands!

March 2020

In 2014, computer literacy was so low in Battambang City that the majority of students were graduating grade 12 without even basic computer literacy, leaving them without the skills necessary to navigate an increasingly digital world.

Attempts by NGOs to establish Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) education programs are notoriously unsustainable, with graveyards of unused, broken down computer labs as the most common long-term outcome.

In 2015, CCT partnered with Grok Learning and the Atlassian Foundation to trial a different approach; we worked together with the public high schools in Battambang City to co-design an ICT education program.

By 2017, the schools and teacher training college had all the knowledge required to deliver the course. Sustainability was achieved when the Ministry Of Education approved to fund the entire operation across all five high schools and teacher training college, with no additional funding required from CCT via the Atlassian Foundation.

Three years after funding ceased, the program is still fully operational with over 18,000 students and over 500 teachers completing the course.

Since the pilot began:

  • 18,000 students have completed the ICT course.
  • 564 teachers have been trained to deliver the ICT curriculum in public high schools
  • 530 students – our Ninjas – have been trained in advanced ICT and have competed nationally and internationally (with several wins!).
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