COVID-19 is ravaging Battambang in 2021

April 2021

Cambodia is facing a humanitarian crisis with the worst outbreak of COVID-19 sweeping across the country since the pandemic began.

Cambodia has recorded a total of 7,747 COVID-19 cases and 54 confirmed fatalities. Between 300-600 new cases are being reported daily. The World Health Organisation has warned that the nation is on the verge of a national tragedy.

Schools are closed nationwide. Border restrictions are in place between provinces and masks are mandatory. Strict lockdowns are in place, despite the fact that many families in Cambodia don’t have a home to lockdown in.

There are serious concerns that Cambodia’s health care system will crumble if this outbreak gets any worse. In a recent survey conducted by Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT), 81% of families said they’ve lost income as a result of the pandemic and more than half have lost their jobs.

CCT is also experiencing an unprecedented rise in calls to their ChildSafe hotline. Reports of child protection concerns have increased by 40%, with nearly half of these families at increased risk of separation as a direct consequence of the pandemic.

CCT’s Director, Pon Jedtha, says, “Families are being evicted from their homes because they can’t pay rent. We are seeing more and more families and children living on the streets and begging because they don’t have any food to eat.”

Urgent funds are required to support pandemic relief

Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) is one of the primary organisations in northwest Cambodia providing COVID-19 relief to families.

While the country closes down infrastructure, CCT’s social workers and medical team continue to support families. CCT’s Youth Centres, which provide vital needs to vulnerable children, have all closed until further notice. Youth Centre staff are delivering vital supplies of food, health care and PPE equipment to children and their families. They are also acting as a conduit for the public schools, ensuring children have access to their education while schools are closed.

CCT are in desperate need of COVID-19 relief donations so they can support the community through this crisis. Donations will go directly towards helping our social workers distribute masks, hygiene packs and most importantly, food, to families.

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