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Keep Families Together. Join our Make it Possible regular giving team today.

Every child deserves to grow up in a family.

By donating you will make sure Cambodian families stay together when poverty threatens to tear them apart. Your help will prevent children from being trafficked, subjected to child labour or ending up in orphanages. At the same time your help will enable children to receive an education and grow up in safe, resilient communities.

Join the Make it Possible Team and become a regular giver today!

By joining the Make it Possible team you will become part of an inspiring community of change-makers committed to giving every month to ensure all Cambodian children have a place to call home and caring people to call family.

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All donations to Cambodian Children’s Trust on our website are made through our Australian partner, Cambodian Children’s Trust Australia (CCTA)

CCTA is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for profits Commission ABN 83158383558


Tax Deductibility

CCTA is an Australian registered Company Limited by Guarantee that’s registered as a Public Benevolent Institution with the ACNC and the ATO and has DGR 1 status. This means we are able to offer tax deductible receipts on all donations over $2 from Australia.

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