How You Can Help


Every dollar goes a long way in Cambodia, so all donations, no matter how small or how often, make a huge difference in children’s lives.

When we receive consistent support from monthly donors, we’re able to provide consistent support to vulnerable families and change the trajectory of children’s lives. It also mobilises whole villages to drive their own child protection for real systemic change.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Join a Village Hive

With your help we can put a Village Hive in 36 villages across Cambodia to reach 20,000 families by 2020. Each Village Hive only needs 9 donors to make a small contribution of $65 AUD a month.

Donate monthly

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Ride along with Cambodian Children’s Trust social workers to see how progress is made everyday to make a real difference to children’s lives.

Power a whole Village

Bring vital services and community networks into a village to reach 500+ families to protect vulnerable children from facing adversity. It only costs $7020 AUD to fund a whole Village Hive for a whole year!

Get your friends and colleagues together and fundraise to power a Village Hive.


Educate people you know

A lot of well-meaning people are unaware of the damaging impacts orphanages have on children. No matter how well run an orphanage is, institutionalised care harms children’s psychological development. 

The orphanage industry is fuelled by foreign donations and has become a massive problem in Cambodia. The solution lies in the fact that almost all children in orphanages have living relatives. By redirecting support away from orphanages to strengthen vulnerable families we can end the era of orphanages.

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