Everyone Has a Role to Play

August 2019

Step up to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable children.


Changing the trajectory of the most vulnerable children’s lives can’t be achieved overnight. It requires that we stick with these kids through their childhood. This can only be achieved through consistent support,  which comes from consistent donations every month. Our monthly donors stick with us, so we can stick with them. It only takes 9 people to contribute $46 USD per month to complete a Village Hive – will you step up?

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Vulnerable children

Love, stability, safety and deep bonds children forge in childhood are fundamental to the healthy development of children. It impacts how their brains grow and shapes the adults they will become.


Preventing adversity in childhood is best achieved through preserving the natural bonds and relationships in children’s lives. Family networks, including immediate family, extended family, neighbours and friends are key to ensuring children’s safety and wellbeing.

Community members

To ensure that no vulnerable children are missed, a network of community volunteers identify vulnerable children, support family networks and ensure they have access to the vital services they need. Together they form a Child Protection Network that represents and gives voice to the whole community.

CCT social workers

CCT’s Cambodian village-based social workers, who have strong relationships and connections within their community, are upskilled with social work training and are the first to respond when vulnerable children are identified. They use an appreciative inquiry technique, which uses a questioning approach to place families in the driving seat, to help them think through problems and come up with their own solutions.

CCT’s Cambodian senior social workers assist the village-based social workers with complex cases. Together they work with the family to co-create safety and empowerment plans by using a strengths-based approach and ensure the family have access to the vital services and support they need.

Vital public services

Each village must have access to vital support services to ensure support can be tailored to each family’s specific needs. CCT’s Village Hive fills the gaps in existing public services.