Financial coaching leads to independence – Bot’s story

September 2021

Bot is a single mum, who lives in the middle of the jungle with her four children. When Bot couldn’t afford to pay for food, her children quit school to work alongside her.

After a call from local authorities, CCT social workers came to visit the family and see what emergency support they wanted. The family shared their goal to start a farm growing vegetables and raising chickens, so our Family Finance team provided them with the business and practical skills needed to make their dream a reality.

It did not take long for Bot to start seeing the benefits of having her own business. She was able to afford food and healthcare and started saving money that she could invest in her business. The family are now able to sustainably support themselves and no longer need support from CCT.

Bot’s success has meant her children have been able to quit working and have returned to school. The family is happy to be back on their feet and are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

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