From adversity to triumph: How Sreyta's life keeps getting better and better

July 2023

Amid the global pandemic in 2020, Sreyta encountered significant challenges. Struggling to provide food for her children, facing obstacles in sending them to school, and having her electricity and water services cut off, she persevered through these hardships with resilience. She maintained a positive outlook, determined to forge ahead.

Sreyta worked at the local market, selling fruit and vegetables. Despite a complete absence of customers due to widespread isolation, she showed up at work every day. We asked Sreyta how she got through the pandemic without customers or income. She shared, “When I think back to those hard times, sometimes I would look at the sky and wonder why I was struggling so much. But still, I had to keep walking. Even when my life was so difficult, I kept going. If I fall, I get up, and I keep walking.”

Not only did Sreyta keep walking, but she also established a thriving small business selling second-hand clothes after partnering with the Village Hive. Her daily earnings have skyrocketed from $6 in 2020 to $50 in 2023. As a result, she can now meet her family’s needs, including food, bills, and healthcare, while independently ensuring her children’s education.

Sreyta says she thinks she would have died without CCT’s assistance during the pandemic. But now things have changed. “Because I work hard and have CCT supporting me, my life is just getting better and better!”