Heab and Reron’s Story – Surviving the pandemic in Cambodia

March 2020

At times of crisis, the most vulnerable are the most at risk.

After years of hardship, last year Heab and Reron’s prospects were improving. Through enrolment in a CCT Youth Centre their youngest children Panha and Chenda were finally enrolled in public school and their eldest, Thavy, started vocational training. Heab’s construction work was increasing and Reron was working at her local public school selling food.

This family has only just started to get back onto its feet. They have no savings and there is no financial backup to hold them when crisis hits.

As the COVID19 pandemic is spreading through Cambodia, Heab’s construction business has closed. Public schools have also closed and so Reron’s work has also dried up. The family have no income and no way to pay their rent or feed their family. CCT is the only support this family has through this intense period of global emergency.

Worries about the coronavirus prevented the family from taking their daughter to the local hospital when she recently became sick for fear of coming in contact with patients infected with COVID19.

CCT has delivered an emergency supply of food staples to help Heab and Reron’s family. Our medical team is monitoring the health of the children and advising the family of the measures they can take to try to avoid contracting COVID19. CCT’s Youth Centres have closed non-essential activities in response to COVID19, but we are still producing meals from the centres for the children to take home so Heab and Reron’s family will have daily access to fresh, nutritious meals.

CCT are coming up with dynamic solutions during this period of uncertainty in Cambodia.

From only $15 a month, you can send a COVID19 Care Package to a family in Cambodia. Care packages provide essential food supplies, medical care, hygiene products and quarantine support to vulnerable families.

This is a virus without borders.

You could be a lifeline for a family in real need right now.

We are all in this together.

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