How Ratana's new business led to daughter’s thriving education

February 2024


Ratana found herself at a crossroads when her husband passed away, leaving her as the sole provider for her family. The emotional toll of the loss, coupled with the physical demands of caring for her ageing mother, who frequently experienced falls, created a sense of hopelessness. Ratana struggled to make ends meet, unable to afford basic necessities and facing the daunting challenge of providing for her children’s education.

“I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have money to pay our bills or send my children to school,” shared Ratana. “I went to the Ou Char commune office. Before that, I had no idea the local council could help me.”

The collaboration between Ratana and Village Hive in Ou Char aimed to assist her in establishing income-generation activities to ensure she could support her family independently. After completing financial literacy training, Ratana co-created a business plan for launching a small restaurant and food stall. Before long, Ratana witnessed a considerable increase in her daily income.

Reaksmey, Ratana’s 14-year-old daughter, attested to the positive impact of working with the Village Hive, stating, “My family’s situation has improved a lot. My mum has her own business, and my school results are better because now I have school materials, clothes and enough food.”