Landmine explosion survivor empowered to lift entire family out of poverty

February 2024


“I’m disabled. I got injured by a landmine when I was young, which damaged my hands, legs and eyes. Life hasn’t been easy since then. I was sad and didn’t know what to do. There was nothing I could do. I just had to accept that I couldn’t have a good life like others.

I am a flower farmer. I’m the breadwinner for my family. My two siblings and nephew are all my responsibility. Before my two siblings became ill, our situation wasn’t so bad. They were both working, and even though we had low salaries, we were okay. But after they fell ill, all responsibility fell onto me. I grew flowers to care for my family while working from home.

I’ve been working with Ou Char Village Hive for the last eight months. They’ve helped me to change my mindset. Now, I can work to earn a better living so we can have a better future. They’ve also ensured my nephew can access his local public school. And all the education fees were covered. Now, my nephew is going to after-school care, and I don’t have to worry if he’s safe because the teachers look after him very well. And now I have time to work while he’s getting extra education.

They have also taught me to manage my money, start saving, and stop wasting money on unnecessary things. Now, I can make $25 a day from selling flowers. My life is so much easier than before.” – Kunthea.