Mali’s Story – Safely off the streets

September 2019

Mali, 3, used to spend her days with her mum as she collected trash to sell. They live together in a small, one room house with no running water.

Enrolling Mali into the Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) Satellite Community Centre 6 days a week means mum is now generating more income and finding it easier to make ends meet. Now mum no longer worries for Mali’s safety.

At CCT Satellite Community Centre Mali can access meals, healthcare and education support, which helps to lower financial pressure on mum. CCT have started looking for a new house for the family, one that is in a safe location and has access to electricity and running water. The next step is to enrol Mali into public preschool, which she’ll attend in addition to CCT’s Satellite Community Centre, to ensure she gets the best education possible.