Meet our Medical Outreach Team

June 2020

Meet the Cambodian Children’s Trust Nurses who have been on the frontline in Battambang during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring vulnerable families continued to have access to vital healthcare.

“Hi I’m Vatey. I have been a nurse with CCT for the past two years. I became a nurse because I love this work. As you know, there are many poor people in Cambodia who are unable to access vital healthcare. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has spread out across the world, we are working together, united as a team to respond to this crisis.”

“When families have support and access to essential services their mental and physical health improves, making them stronger and more resilient in times of crisis.”

— Vatey, CCT Head Nurse

This pandemic is really affecting families. They have lost their jobs, don’t have enough food and their mental health is suffering.

— Ly Haroun, CCT Nurse

“My name is Ly Haroun, I have been working as a nurse with CCT for two years. I love this job because I am able to help vulnerable families in the community understand how to to take care of their health. During this pandemic, my work for CCT has had a positive impact on the community. We have been promoting hygiene and teaching families how it is contracted and how to protect themselves.”

CCT is supporting families who are unemployed and lost their jobs because of the COVID19 epidemic. These families do not have enough food. After receiving support from CCT, they are happy.

— Borey, CCT Nurse

“Hello, I am Borey and I have been a nurse with CCT for six months. Working as a nurse in this pandemic means I can help to find solutions for families. I can also help the community, CCT staff and my team to prevent themselves from contracting the virus. Through our help, families feel safer and understand more about hygiene and prevention.”

I became a nurse so I can help people get healthcare. I love this career, I want to protect other people’s health.

— Chanbopha, CCT Junior Nurse

“My name is Chanbopha. I am a junior nurse at Cambodian Children’s Trust. I have worked here for 3 years. In Cambodia, there are not enough nurses and it can be difficult to access health services. During COVID19, I was able to share my knowledge with the community and my family to prevent them from getting sick.”

The health impacts of COVID-19 extend beyond the risks from the virus itself.

The mental health impacts of this pandemic are particularly problematic for families who were already struggling to climb out of intergenerational poverty.

When CCT supports a family with essential food, hygiene packs and medical help, it relieves some of the stress of surviving day-to-day.

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