Mum’s incredible story of battling cancer to stay with her kids

June 2023

Just months after her husband died, Yeab found out she had cancer. Doctors said she potentially had five years to live, which was terrifying for Yeab and her two teenage daughters, Samnang and Sreynich. She was already in serious debt, and didn’t have the money to pay for her surgery.

Yeab contacted CCT who brought her to the emergency hospital in Battambang. Doctors checked her medical records and said they were confident the lump could be removed. Although Yeab was relieved, she was terrified of having surgery. “I felt worried about what would happen if the operation failed. I asked a foreign orphanage if they could take my children in. I thought that if I passed away, my children would have access to education in the orphanage,” shared Yeab.

Yeab’s youngest daughter, Sreynich, was devastated by her mum’s diagnosis. “I felt heartbroken. I didn’t want to lose my mum,” she said.

Thankfully, the operation was a huge success and Yeab is now three years in remission. “Now that I have my health back, I feel so happy. I am still alive and will be around to see my children’s future.”

After regaining her health, Yeab was ready to get back to work. She wanted a sustainable income to ensure Sreynich and Samnang grew up strong, healthy and educated. Yeab began growing and selling vegetables at her local market. After saving money, she was able to buy a drink stall and a sugar cane machine, with help from CCT.

Just a few years ago, Yeab was facing mounting debts, unable to afford cancer treatment and considering placing her daughters in an orphanage. Today, she is successfully running three small businesses, has paid off all of her debt and her daughters are thriving at school and university.

Since Yeab has reached her financial goal and is even saving approximately $100 a month, she has been able to safely exit CCT’s support. Her family has achieved financial independence.

“It’s an enormous relief that we’re doing so much better than we were. And we no longer have any debt! I don’t know if meeting CCT was my destiny or if I just got incredibly lucky,” said Yeab.