Ngat’s Story – A fresh start for a new mother

October 2019

Just weeks after giving birth, Ngat and her new baby were going hungry.

Since giving birth Ngat has no maternity leave and no income to support herself, her baby or her 2-year-old son. Although she was doing her best to make ends meet, she couldn’t afford food and her young family was going hungry.

Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) responded to the call immediately, delivering essential food supplies to the family that day.

After the initial meeting, CCT made a plan to meet the family next week to co-create a safety and empowerment plan. We helped Ngat identify her family support network and invited them all to attend the safety planning.

The plan they made together includes getting a birth certificate made for Ngat and her two children, and registering for a low-income ID card so she can access free healthcare. CCT will continue to support Ngat and assist with food supplies until she can begin working again.

Instead of separating families because of poverty, CCT works together with the family to ensure their ongoing safety and wellbeing into the future.

With your help we can continue to work alongside families like Ngat’s and provide the support they need.

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